Time to bring in the experts

Time to bring in the experts

Ok, time to get serious. Before we get too carried away with the really exciting side of this project, the marketing and branding, we have to get serious too. Granted, Nicola and I have thrown ourselves into this project, but all things considered, we are not the experts…

We are organising  a workshop day in a local pub, where we’ll round up all the ‘experts’ to speak to our applicants to teach them all they’ll need to know about running a campsite.  By experts I mean representatives from …

Licencing, Planning, Health & Safety, Refuse Collection, Signage, Marketing, Grading etc…..

We’ll also have our local Tourism Association; Vale Marketing Group there, C&C Organisations, and mentors from other local sites who have very kindly volunteered their time to share their highs and lows with the group.

Without giving too much away (or the applicants may not show up!) there will also be an activity involved which will be sure to throw the applicants in at the deep end and work together.

We’ll also get everyone involved in deciding their USP is so that we can build this into the marketing.

It should be a good day.  We’ll let you know how it goes.