Spoilt for Choice

Spoilt for Choice

For us the first stop was the planning department; now, you don’t need planning permission to host a campsite for up to 28 days (tents* only) so for our trial this summer each campsite will run for four weeks. However, we want to work with landowners who aspire to doing this long term and give them all the tools and tricks that they need, so no point really working with sites that don’t have a hope in hell of getting planning permission for a permenant site.

So as I said, first stop, the planning department. Who have been great! They helped us come up with a check list of things they would look for, and when we had a bunch of sites in mind, they checked them out and advised which ones stood a chance of getting permission. This gave us a short list of eight sites which were eligible to apply for the trial.

And all eight applied! Assessment day is Tuesday 28th February, the assessors will look at applications and visit the sites, and give their verdict. Up to six sites will be selected to participate in the trial. Fingers crossed for everyone X

Our eligibilty checklist

  • Good proximity to a village, especially one with a pub and/or shop.(Essential)
  • Good proximity to an existing dwelling or existing buildings.(Essential)
  • Should not be visible from either the coast nor the immediate community
  • Good access to the coastal path
  • Good access to existing roads
  • Ideally would have existing buildings which could be considered for conversion for amenities (long term)
  • Camping for tents; Low key sustainable camping
  • Needs to be in the rural Vale

*28 day rule only applies to tents, caravans need an exemption certificate from somewhere such as the Caravan Club.