Coastal Camping – my story.

Coastal Camping – my story.

Hello, My name is Nia. Am am the other half of the team looking after the Coastal Camping project at Creative Rural Communities.

Ok…here we go. First and foremost I feel I must confess. This is my very first ever blog post (if that’s what you call it). Get me! And even more importantly, I’m posting about a subject I know nothing about.  Well, knew nothing about, until I started working on this project. Ok, I haven’t yet reached pro status, but ask me the basics and I think I could help.

Second confession…I am not a camper. Closest I ever got to camping was in the Girl Guides in North Wales, during a particularly soggy summer where we ended up abandoning camp during the night and kipping in a cow shed as our tend laid under foot under water. Not a great start. For a long time I have considered myself to be a tourist that enjoys the finer things in life…. quality food, beautiful luxurious bedrooms…hot water… but…

I am inspired! This project has well and truly got my juices flowing. Nicola and I have been working together on this, and it’s very difficult not to be inspired when you work alongside someone so passionate about their work. Nicola is a well travelled camper. She’s a pro. What I lack in camping experience Nicola more than makes up for it.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this…. but I can’t wait to pack up my tent this summer and drag my husband and kids along to give this camping malarkey a go. I promise to be honest with you…. if I hate it, I will tell you, but if I love it (and I really believe I will) I will be shouting it from the rooftops.

However, this trial isn’t about me! It’s about giving local landowners the chance to try running a campsite.  If it’s a success they may decide to set up full time to offer the campers of this world the chance to holiday on the beautiful Glamorgan Heritage Coast.

We have our assessment day tomorrow to determine which of the locations are included in our trial. Any one will make the most amazing campsite. Our job will to hold their hand through the process of giving it a go.

Follow me and Nicola as we keep you posted on how this project goes, and hopefully we’ll all learn something along the way.